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紅心土芭樂茶--[紙罐] Red-Pulp Guava Tea--[Paper Can Packing]

品名 Product Name:
紅心土芭樂茶--[紙罐] Red-Pulp Guava Tea--[Paper Can Packing]

規格 Specification:
300公克(5g×60簡易茶包)/罐 300g(5g×60simple-type tea bags)/paper can

售價 Price:NT$ 600

簡介 Brief Introduction:
100%天然果茶 ∣ 100%Natural Fruit Tea ∣ 100%天然果実茶


No preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, or other chemical additives.
This product is 100 made from red-pulp guava fruits of native wild species in taiwan, grown on Chen-Jiah-Juang’s
own farm and without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

l 原料:100紅心土芭樂果實

l 淨重:300公克 (5g × 60 簡易茶包)

l 保存期限:2 (未開封前)
l 飲用方法:1包紅心土芭樂茶包,置入茶杯中,以200cc沸騰開水沖泡,浸泡約5分鐘後即可飲用。 (可回沖飲用)
l 保存方法:開封後請密封保持乾燥或放入冰箱冷藏,並儘速食用完畢。
l 原產地:台灣

l Ingredients100 Red-Pulp Guava Fruits.

l Net Weight300g (5g × 60 simple-type tea bags)

l Shelf Life2 years (unopened)

l Drinking MethodIn a cup, pour 200cc boiling water over one tea bag of red-pulp guava.
l Drinking MethodSteep for about 5 minutes. (The tea bag can be steeped several times.)
l Storage InstructionAfter opening, please seal tightly to keep dry or store in a refrigerator, and consume as
l Storage Instructionsoon as possible.
l Country of OriginTaiwan

l 原材料名:紅心グァバの果実100
l 内容 量:300 g (簡易ティーパック 5g × 60)
l 賞味期限:2 (未開封)
l 飲用方法:コップに1包を入れ、200cc位の熱湯を注ぎ、5分ほどおきます。
l 飲用方法:2煎目、3煎目までおいしく召し上がれます。
l 保存方法:開封後は密封して、高温多湿を避けた場所に保存するか、冷蔵庫にて保存して、
l 保存方法:お早めにお召し上がり下さい。
l 原産 地:台湾

不含咖啡因 / Caffeine Free / カフェインフリー


      紅心土芭樂汁(無加糖)--即飲式 Red-Pulp Guava Juice Drink (No Sugar Added) 紅心土芭樂茶--[夾鍊袋] Red-Pulp Guava Tea--[Ziplock Bag Packing]