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桑葉粉 Mulberry Leaf Powder 桑の葉パウダー [夾鍊袋 Ziplock Bag Packing]

品名 Product Name:
桑葉粉 Mulberry Leaf Powder 桑の葉パウダー [夾鍊袋 Ziplock Bag Packing]

規格 Specification:
90公克/包 90g/bag

售價 Price:NT$ 250

簡介 Brief Introduction:

No preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, or other chemical additives.


l 原料:桑葉 (100%陳稼莊果園無農藥無化肥‧無除草劑栽培)

l 淨重:90 公克

l 保存期限:2 (未開封前)

l 食用方法:1茶匙桑葉粉以約250cc/冷開水沖泡飲用。

l 保存方法:請置於陰涼乾燥處保存。開封後請冷藏,並儘速食用完畢。

l 原產地:台灣


l IngredientsMulberry Leaf (100 from Chen-Jiah-Juang’s own farm, grown without the use of pesticides, chemical
l Ingredientsfertilizers, or herbicides).

l Net Weight90 g

l Shelf Life2 years (unopened)

l Direction of UseDissolve 1 teaspoon of Mulberry Leaf Powder with 250ml of lukewarm / cold water for
l regular consumption.

l Storage InstructionKeep in a cool dry place. Refrigerate after opening, and consume as soon as possible.

l Country of OriginTaiwan

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